~be excellent to each other~

Banana terrorpic

Banana terror

Another doodle of a fruit being in a rather "uncomfortable situation". :D I thought I should give posting a photo another try.So let's see if…
Horror Fruitspic

Horror Fruits

Let's see if this is finally working. This is my third attempt to post this photo. *keeps fingers crossed* I haven't posted a doodle in a…
little pink housepic

little pink house

This is a house I built as a birthday gift for my twin brother's girlfriend. My brother and her are moving in together. How exciting!!!…
Watching the Englishpic

Watching the English

I'm reading this book right meow. Yes, yes... I'm reading a book... voluntarily. ;) It is quite amusing and fun. Kate Fox did a great job…
It is donepic

It is done

Ohai! :) After 3 months of working, I handed in my examination paper. It's 65 pages of awesome, ha! Well, I'll see about that once it's…
Orange bloompic

Orange bloom

Hai there! I'm just checking in. :D I recently bought new nail polish called "orange bloom" and a top coat confetti style (close up in the…
Time outpic

Time out

Sometimes Charlie chooses the weirdest positions when relaxing on my lap. :D This is us taking a time out (photo taken last week with my phone)…
New chickenspic

New chickens

My mom ordered some new chicks the other day. I just got them home around an hour ago... in a cat carrier. :D When I opened…
Last days of summerpic

Last days of summer

It's nice to still see some butterflies around. They are very attracted to the bushes that are still in bloom in my parents' backyard. :) I…
Muddy duckspic

Muddy ducks

Now you tell me how this is cute in any way? The ducks are still out and about turning the place into a huge puddle…
Pouring rain meowpic

Pouring rain *meow*

We've had some rainy days here lately in the Lands of Mew. Mr. and Mrs.Kitten don't seem to mind though. Jumping in puddles can be…
Caterpillar accessorypic

Caterpillar accessory

I found this little fellow on the door of my parents' bedroom. How did it even get inside? Anyway, it was so cute I just…
25 years...pic

25 years...

With all the preparations and celebrating around my parents' 25th wedding anniversary I haven't been around for a few days. Now I'm back with a…
High in the bleacherspic

High in the bleachers

I just looked up this idiom "to sit high in the bleachers" because I was searching for a witty title for this. Now, I don't…
Pool partypic

Pool party

With temperatures around 30°C the ducks appreciate their little pond even more than usual. I spotted two going for a swim. One is giving me…
This is too muchpic

This is too much

Charlie has had it with all that sun and heat!!! Wherever she can find shade she lies down to relax. She always looks awfully skinny during…
Faux eyespic

Faux eyes

I finally managed to photograph a peacock butterfly opening its wings completely. It took me several attempts as this one was opening and afterwards quickly…
Why iz I locked out?pic

Why iz I locked out?

My mew is a master of memes, especially when it comes to pulling disapproving faces. This is one of them. Whenever I go out to check…

A summer day

It's been rather hot and sunny here today. Thus I decided to get out and take some photos. I thought it would be nice to…


I know this is a crappy photo judging by its quality. I took it with my phone. I still love it though! :D This is my…
Let me get a bit closer, kay?pic

Let me get a bit closer, kay?

A poor attempt of me photographing Charlie through a fence. :D I still like this shot somehow. My camera caught her attention. Usually she's all "whatevs"…
Sunset in Mew Mew Landpic

Sunset in Mew Mew Land

My parents and I witnessed this beautiful sunset the other day. I even caught a plane flying by. What a lucky coincidence. I couldn't help…


Selfie time!!! :D I did my nails today. I found this fabulous red nail polish which has some kind of 'sand effect'. I'm in love!!! Also I…
Biting clawspic

Biting claws

A few days ago Charlie and I hung out for a bit to take a sunbath together. Well actually I was taking a sunbath when…
You!!! Stop staring!pic

You!!! Stop staring!

First of all, I find this photo absolutely priceless on several levels! xD That being said, how cute is the little beak peaking through mother hen's…
A Sims lifepic

A Sims life

I don't know who of you remembers this but I play a lot of video games. One of my favs is "The Sims 3". I…
Why are we in a bucket?pic

Why are we in a bucket?

I promised you a baby chick photo and here it is. I took it when they were not older than a day. My mom got…
Chatting butterfliespic

Chatting butterflies

I spotted these two butterflies (among many others) the other day. I think they are tortoiseshell but I'm not sure. They were all over this…

Pirate themed birthday party

Yesterday was my nephew's 3.birthday. I took quite a few shots and now I'm feeling the urge to share some of them with you. :D…
And then there were duckspic

And then there were ducks

Because my mom does not see their evilness. As every year my mom bought 12 ducklings for me to hate (my dad shares my pain…
Back from vacay meowpic

Back from vacay *meow*

Hello my Buzzi peepz! :D I apologise for being away for some time without telling you. I don't want anyone to worry about me!!! Although I'm…

Buzznet Story Teller's Assignment #43 "Handwritten Story": Round-Up

Another Story time comes to its end guys! Thanks to everyone who participated!!! You are the best as you are what keeps this group going!…
I had a tough daypic

I had a tough day

Charlie taking a nap on a window sill. She is super precious being asleep. I couldn't help but use an extreme edit on the photo…
Being special Buzznet Story Teller's Assignmentpic

Being special [Buzznet Story Teller's Assignment]

I'm starting to realise my hand writing looks kinda weird. Ha! Anyway, I hope you're able to actually read it. I tried! :D Ps. The Bsta…
Addition to the familypic

Addition to the family

GUISE. YOU GUISE!!! Today I received a package from the far away lands of the US. Lory was so kind as to send a wonderful set…
Of hell and heavenpic

Of hell and heaven

I haven't uploaded a doodle in quite a while. Basically, Mr. and Mrs.Kitten is all I draw if I even get to draw. It's nice…

Buzznet Story Teller's Assignment #43 : handwritten story

Hi there, hi! *waves* Do you remember us? The BSTG? We've been gone for over a month due to various reasons. Well let's not dwell…
Fluffy mewpic

Fluffy mew

I tried to photograph Charlie from another perspective. Her highness was observing her surroundings with a critical eye, as usual. My weekend was pretty relaxed. I…
Daisy accompanied by a little friendpic

Daisy accompanied by a little friend

Today's been a rainy day. To lighten my mood I thought I'd post this photo taken last month. The little creature was nicely posing for…
Excellent hair daypic

Excellent hair day

Another selfie for I'm lame like that. :D I haven't taken any photos in a while. It's rather sad though I like the way my hair…
Nap timezpic

Nap timez

Charlie on my lap resting. She caught a bird today and proudly presented it to me. Of course I had to show my appreciation for…
New shade of redpic

New shade of red

I took this selfie with my phone today to show my freshly dyed her to my bf. :D It's a national holiday in Germany thus…
Cherry flavoured slushpic

Cherry flavoured slush

I haven't used Buzznet Flash in forever so I thought I'd give it another go. I really like the selection of filters.The seize of the…
All the f00dzpic

All the f00dz

This is my lunch from today with an extreme edit. I love sandwiches. They are my life, mostly! Wholewheat bread, cheese, tomatoes, cucumber, sausage, fried onions…
After Easter play time meowpic

After Easter play time *meow*

Of course the Easter Bunny hid something for Mr. and Mrs.Kitten as well. Mr.Kitten has a sweet tooth and usually eats all the chocolate right…
Easter basketpic

Easter basket

I'm a little late for this but whatev. :D See what the Easter Bunny hid for me in my parents' yard. ;) Nommy chocolate. Also my…
Another black dotted friendpic

Another black dotted friend

I spotted another lady bird in the grass. Nothing red can escape my eyes. :D This time I couldn't help but use a severe edit…


This is my new profile picture. Apparently you cannot see it when you click on the thumbnail. Thus I decided to upload this photo again…
Proud roosterpic

Proud rooster

I just want to give you a little update on our tiny rooster as you thought he was cute. :) He has pretty much found…


Found this little fellow in my parents' yard. Spring is here, I tell you! I'm sorry I cannot tell you anything exciting but nothing interesting is…


Just a flower photo, no big deal. :D How was your weekend? I spent time with my bf. Good times. :) It's been pretty warm here…
Demon chickpic

Demon chick

Does she scare you a bit? :D Most of our black chickens have dark brown/black eyes. It makes me think of 'Supernatural' where black eyes equals…
Afternoon tea meowpic

Afternoon tea *meow*

Mr. and Mrs.Kitten decided to have some delish catnip tea outside in their yard. Fancy! They love spring season and are ready to explore everything…
Mr. Shiny Bugpic

Mr. Shiny Bug

I saw this little guy in my parents' back yard the other day. I couldn't help but take a picture. :) Sping's here and I'm…


See what hatched tonight. Two little chickens. We got them cuddled up in a blankie. :) Mother hen is still busy sitting on the rest of…
Oh no, that camera againpic

Oh no, that camera again

This was an attempt of me taking a photo of Charlie's beautiful eyes. Although she gave me a disapproving look I won this round. No…
Fairy on a swingpic

Fairy on a swing

I just finished this 1500 piece jigsaw puzzle (like a few minutes ago). :D To be honest it was a pain in the arse. One of…

If I had... [Buzznet Story Teller's Assignment]

This time's BSTA is all about the ca$h! What if we won a million dollars!? Or in my case more of a million Euros although…
A thousand dropspic

A thousand drops

It was a rainy day in mew mew land! I spent most of my free time inside. I also watched the chickens run around like crazy…
Precious Charliepic

Precious Charlie

Hello Buzzi peepz. I'm back! :) I'm so sorry I missed a lot during the last month. My teaching job kept me pretty busy the whole…
Relaxin' with mah mewpic
This is my content facepic

This is my content face

Yes, Charlie does know how to look pleased. :D The photo is a little out of focus but I still like it. It's another shot from…

What moves me [Buzznet Story Teller's Assignment]

Click here to find les rules. :) Let me tell you about my feels in gif form to start this off. Did you know I was…
Three cheers for springpic

Three cheers for spring

Well it's not spring yet but I saw the first crocuses bloom in my parents' yard today. It's pretty warm out for this time of…
I iz highly displeasedpic

I iz highly displeased

Charlie disapproves!!! To be honest I took this photo without even looking at her face. So when I checked how it turned out I had to…
Chicken-hearted roosterpic

Chicken-hearted rooster

C wut I did there?! I just learned a new word. Well, two words nicely put together to form a new fabulous word. I haven't…
Come real close, if you darepic

Come real close, if you dare

Big eyed Charlie. :D I got all up in her face. Ha! She didn't even pull a mad face but wanted some hugs instead. :) I…
Is this eatable?!?pic

Is this eatable?!?

Hint: No, it's not. It's just a camera! This chick was approaching me to demand more f00dz although I had just fed her and the rest…

Buzznet Story Teller's Assignment #40 "First The Worst": Round-Up

Howdy fellow story tellers. Do you remember the time we did this assignment about the first time we did things?!? Seems it was many moons…
Relaxed afternoon meowpic

Relaxed afternoon *meow*

When it is cold and snowy out Mr. and Mrs.Kitten enjoy getting cuddled up. They like doing activities together. So they decided to do a…
The art of stalking a catpic

The art of stalking a cat

Her royal highness Charlie through our kitchen window. I fought my way through a plant to take her photo. :D It was all sunny out today…
Morning notepic

Morning note

Does anyone of you want to take some German lessons? :D My mom wrote me this note on our little board in the kitchen. It even…
That's mahogany!!!pic

That's mahogany!!!

This is the result of me re-dyeing my hair. Some of you were curious after the last photo I posted. Btw, I'm loving all the Hunger…
Hair dyepic

Hair dye

So this is my hair covered in red hair dye. :D I re-dyed my hair today and thought I'd snap a shot of the process. The…
Snowy churchpic

Snowy church

It snowed when I took this shot today but you can barely see it. Lol! Anyway we finally got some snow. I have mixed feeling…


"Oh noez, it's a book!" That's basically what that crazy cat meme tries to express. Most of you know that I don't like reading books…
Take a drinkpic

Take a drink

Yesterday was my mom's birthday. She turned 47 thus we had ourselves a little family gathering. :) That's lime and cane sugar in a glas. My…
First The Worst Buzznet Story Teller's Assignmentpic

First The Worst [Buzznet Story Teller's Assignment]

Omg the 40th assignment! *w00tz* I cannot believe our BSTG has made it that far. Can we haz a party now? Y/y??? Anyway, Rich is…
Oh hai there, hai!pic

Oh hai there, hai!

Omg I desperately need to post again. Like anything! Thus you get a weird quality selfie because this is all I have for now. Ha!…
2013, u go 'waypic

2013, u go 'way

One last picture in the year 2013. What better way to end it than with a photo of Charlie? See her not being all mad…

Just a Christmas photodump, nbd!

I meant to show you a few pictures I took on Christmas. Somehow I haven't gotten around to it up until now. Oh well better…

Buzznet Story Teller's Assignment #38: Round-Up

Ho, ho, ho! I hope all of you spent a wonderful Christmas time with your loved ones. Another assignment comes to its end and I…
The award for most annoyed kitty goes to...pic

The award for most annoyed kitty goes to...

Charlie! :D She was pissed when my bro sang a christmas song out loud right next to her. Angry mew doesn't like Christmas. xD Charlie is…
Have a cat-tastic Christmas meowpic

Have a cat-tastic Christmas *meow*

Everyone at the Land of Mew wishes you Merry Christmas!!! :) Here's Mr. and Mrs.Kitten decorating their christmas tree. My new Voodoll Black Mamba also made…
Tree shoppingpic

Tree shopping

My twin brother and I bought a Christmas tree on Saturday. We always buy our tree at the same place. There's a huge area where…
Voodoo protectionpic

Voodoo protection

Looks like someone from @bizarreland got lost and landed in Mew Mew Land! :D This Voodoll was a present my bf gave me as a late…

A present story [Buzznet Story Teller's Assignment]

Hi there, hi! Don't forget to take part in the BSTA#38 while you're getting ready for Christmas. It's all about presents. :) At first I intended…
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